Hako Body Tuning
Born in Japan


A proudly Japanese method that focuses on tuning the body and improving your quality of life.
Loosening and tuning your body brings it back to its most natural state so you can move smoother through life giving yourself time to enjoy lifes pleasures.

The founder Yoko Mizoguchi, a.k.a Hako, created this method to fulfil a personal need for a technique that was gentle yet effective after sustaining an injury through dance. Many years of extensive research and experience lead to the creation of “Karada Bi Chouritsu®” (Beautiful Tuning of the Body)

Hako is a published author and after successful publications in Japan her books gained international interest and were published in Spain and Italy. She originally created this method for Japanese bodies but after receiving much positive feedback from international clients she soon realised that her method works effectively for ALL body types. This lead to the creation of Hako Body Tuning

3 Pillars of Hako Body Tuning

Lithe Body

Loosen and tune your body from deep within for a supple and beautiful body

Self Care

Tune your own body
Improve overall circulation with simple movements

Enjoy life

Enjoy hobbies and travel
Move lightly and freely with a functional body


Hako Body Tuning movements are very simple and easy,
and can be practiced by anyone of any age.

By loosening and tuning each joint with simple movements, including the hip joints,
You will allow your body to move in its most natural way.

Hako Body Tuning covers all the basics.

It is important to prepare your body before stretching or exercising.
By relaxing and adjusting your body, stretching naturally becomes easier.

  • Stiff body overall
  • Don't like stretching
  • Don't like to exercise
  • When you join certain workout classes you don’t feel like you can keep up

Then easy and simple movements are what’s going to help you get to where you want to be!

Our bodies are all different and beautiful in their own ways.
What works for others may not work for you.

The first step is to build a good relationship with your body,
Learn how it works and moves,
Understand yourself,
Then, tune your body using simple HBT movements.

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5 characteristics of Hako Body Tuning


Simple movements


Effective solution for your mobility needs


Fast results


For all ages


Improve your body Change your life


Hako Body Tuning Representative

Yoko Mizoguchi

We live in an era where the body, autonomic nervous system, hormones, and heart are easily dysregulated due to excessive information and stress.

Rather than looking for answers from outside sources, I realised that “the answers are within me” and “an understanding of my own body is the beginning of everything”. Thus, this method was born.

By incorporating Hako Body Tuning into your lifestyle, both your body and heart become more supple. When you understand your body and lead a life in which you can regulate yourself the rhythm of your life and your encounters with others will begin to flow in harmony with you. As a woman, I am proud to bring you this method which will enable you to feel the joys of living a healthy, beautiful and fulfilling life.


Representative Director of Lithe Life Studio, Hako Body Tuning Representative

Since starting ballet at the age of 7, Yoko longed to have a "beautiful and supple body like a Western ballerina" and began her self-study journey of the body. A knee injury triggered her interest in a body function and anatomy, and she discovered that the key to a beautiful and functional body lies in the "pelvis and hip joints". She studied under Studio Pivot, which teaches "AWARENESS ANATOMY®" with an emphasis on "feeling". Using her own research of the body and extensive experience over 30 years, starting from childhood, she invented "Hako Body Tuning" a method to "loosen and tune the body". She is continuously active in a wide range of ventures including studio management, seminars, lectures, collaborative projects with various companies, creating videos and she has appeared on TV programs, in several magazines, and numerous other media outlets.

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Invited onto TV Tokyo's health and welness program as an expert speaker.


Tune your body
Enjoy your life

Our aim

To help you and many others enjoy a vibrant and beautiful life by building a better relationship with your body


The future we strive for:

A society where you can shine beautifully, with a supple body, no matter your age


Our promise to you:

Help you better understand your body
Grasp how your body moves in its most natural state
Enjoy your life with a healthy and beautiful body

What we offer

Social Media(interactive videos, live lessons)

Hako’s Mini Advice

Group Lessons

Private Lessons

Instructors Training Course

Social Media

Social Media

FREE easy-to-follow videos and content on YouTube and Instagram

Hako’s Mini Advice

Hako’s Mini Advice

Short videos on what Hako notices during her lessons. Tips and advice on how she helps her clients loosen and tune their bodies.

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Group Lessons

Group Lessons

A relaxed environment perfect for first-timers.

Available as in person lessons (Japan only) or online lessons (worldwide). For details such as dates and pricing, please contact us using the inquiry form.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Personalised to meet your body’s needs.
Available as in person lessons (Japan only) or online lessons (worldwide).
For details such as dates and pricing, please contact us using the inquiry form.

Instructors Training Course

Instructors Training Course

Become a Hako Body Tuning Instructor and incorporate the method into your practices and teachings. 
Recommended for:

  • Dance teachers
  • Stretching and exercise instructors
  • Fitness instructors
  • Sports instructors
  • Aestheticians and therapists

For further information, please contact us using the inquiry form.

*For other requests such as seminars, lectures, workshops, etc., please use the inquiry form


Lessons in Japanese are available with our Karada Bi Chouritsu® instructors from all across Japan.
In person/ Online lessons
【Japanese Instructors】

Lessons in English are available with Julia, the head of our international HBT team.
In person lessons: Tokyo, Japan
Online lessons: Worldwide

Hako Body Tuning International Team Leader

Julia Hosmer



  • Hako Body Tuning Instructor
  • Mobility Coach
  • Dance Teacher
  • Massage Therapist
  • Professional Dancer


Helping you and your body connect through movement.

Have you ever wondered why you don’t see an improvement in your mobility and flexibility even though you do the stretches and exercises that are supposed to work?

What if I told you there’s a stress free low impact way for you to see and feel immediate results!

As we age our bodies become tight and aren’t so quick to bounce back when we need them to. A lot of us spend our days sitting for hours on end creating problems and a posture that we never saw coming. The good news is that the solution to your tight glutes, back pain and stiff joints is a lot closer than you think.

When Hako and I crossed paths I had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and my head, heart and body were not in a good place. I wasn’t moving as much as usual and was finding it hard to connect with my body like I used to. Through a simple conversation she listened, introduced me to her method, showed me a few simple exercises and advised me to try them out before bed as I wasn’t sleeping well. To my surprise I woke up over the next few days feeling relaxed and very well rested! I will admit that I got lazy and didn’t continue with the exercises and, you guessed it, my terrible sleep returned.

From then I knew that I needed to know more because my body (and yours) deserves to be nurtured and taken care of. Hako guided me through her HBT Basics Course where I learned the fundamentals of what is needed to maintain a healthy body. I took those lessons, incorporated them into my routines and dance classes and learnt very quickly that mine and my students’ muscles and joints moved so much smoother after tuning. If these basic movements worked that well on us I was sure that they would be extremely beneficial to a lot of other people!

Which brings us to this present moment. Even though this method was created for Japanese bodies there is undeniable proof that it is effective on all bodies from all walks of life. I want you to experience these “to my surprise” moments too! Which is why we have gone international and are proud to offer you your own personalised HBT experience tailored to your body’s needs.

The Hako Body Tuning method has improved my quality of life and I know it can do the same for you!

Book a trial lesson with me now! Let’s get through this together.

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